Housing on Nordului street

The alinment to the polygonal shape of a lot creates a certain dynamism of the volumes that deviate from the purely orthogonal. Thereby, the heavily glazed volume with sharp edges from the western corner of the building and the similar one from the south, counterbalances the organized, rectangular solids of the adjacent facades. The building excells through the power of conviction of his aesthetic formula, composed as a playful juxtaposition between similar forms placed differently. On the northern side, however, the building is almost competely shut down, for obvious reasons. The interior spaces are designed to elegantly streamline the housing. The lobby floor is sized as necessary for circulation and for the evacuation route, the majority of the space being used by the two apartments. It is not random that the living rooms are placed on the corner and closed in four level high glass structures, this way they can benefit from the best possible visibility. The interior design of the apartments is part of a range of tasteful juxtaposition of textures and natural, organic colours with immaculate white that favors luminosity. The architects concern for continuity and dialog between the exterior silhouette and the intimate, private environments, can be distinguished in the ambiance of this apartment building as well.
project details
project title: housing on Nordului street, Bucharest
location: Bucharest
address: Nordului street, Bucharest
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Peter Marx, arch. Adrian Oancea, arch. Raluca Velescu, arch. Ioana Sora
structure: eng. Ioan Sora - sc. Consild srl
contractor: VR Art Construct
built area: 1982mp, lot 808mp
year of design: 2007
year of completion: 2010
photo credit: Serban Bonciocat, Peter Marx