Offices on M. Voievod street

Placed on a street bordered on one side by modernist apartment buildings from the sixties and on the other side by an urban tissue consisting of houses, with small and medium sizes generally, the building suggests a transition through a volume divided in two, with pitched roof, thereby easing a natural integration on the set. The building shelters a company that deals with products related to surveillance, alarming systems and having significant traffic on the premises, we solved the parking issues on the ground floor, as the easiest way to handle it, considering that Matei Voievod street is extremely crowded. Access in the building is made through a small sized hallway, including reception, the elevator and the stairs. Also for flexibility and ease of movement on the inside, the building has a single bay with approximately nine meter opening. As finishing material we used bricks with a ventilated wall-system, the bricks being held by galvanized steel brackets, fixed in the thin interior walls made from reinforced concrete. The facades are divided by windows of different lengths, placed somewhat homogenous, however being dominated by the solid areas. The blind wall was also treated as a facade, with the consent of the neighbors, it is plated with bricks and is penetrated by slots with blasted glass, also placed homogeneously. The two volumes meet near an exterior terrace from the third floor, intended for the recreation of those working in the building. At the fourth floor there is an apartment, whose framing remains visible with laminated wooden beams, which also happens in the case of the office spaces from the back of the building. The basement, besides the technical rooms, has a generous showroom that opens towards a courtyard with windows from top to bottom, that increases the quality of this space. From structural point of view, while on the blind walls side, we managed to create a rigid area, generated by diaphragms, both from the blind walls side and perpendicular to it (the ones from the elevator and the stairs) on the other long facade, we succeeded to place metallic columns with a 25cm diameter, dimensioned only gravitationally. The solution with a thick slab without beams helped us to solve the air conditioning system without having to increase the height of each level. Also for a more natural integration in the area, the color of the bricks is light beige, that resonates with the exterior finish of the neighboring houses, while the elongated “modernist” windows are in consonance with the architecture of the apartment buildings from across the street.
project details
project title: office building on Matei Voievod street
location: Bucharest
project type: in progress
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Péter Marx, arch. Raluca Velescu, arch. Otilia Călin, arch. Alex Pintea, arch. Andrada Tarau, arch. Pietro Dorissa, arch. Stefan Farmazon
structure: eng. Cristian Năstase - Concept Structure
year of design: 2011
year of completion:
built area: 375,4mp
gross built area: 1899,8mp
used area: 1580mp