Favorit Cultural Center

Considering that the new building will take the mark of the older one, the essential problem was in the desire to create a volume that holds all the necessary spaces required by the tender book, but in the same time to become a symbol for the entire Drumul Taberei neighbourhood. Generically speaking, the modern city being in a constant extension, must create, from the necessity to decongestionate the centre, new centres of social and cultural interest that can polarize the community/communities from that certain area. To achieve this goal we believe that the “Favorit” Cultural Centre must meet, along its functional role, also the one of a “landmark” capable of becomming a pole of attraction in the neighbourhood. Besides this thought, that holds a macro urban strategy from the locations point of view, we believe that a sculptural form without a “main facade” and a less photogenic terrace could harmonize through contrast with an area dominated by modernist, Cartesian buildings made in the 60`s and 70`s (often a good quality architecture) surrounded by various green areas. The fact itself that residents of the eight floor building from the north could see a sculptural object, instead of a non-walkable terrace, we believe that it is an important argument that sustains our approach. The proposed volume attempts, as a condition, to protect, but also to spacially extend the interiors, everything made with the purpose of a natural passing of the existing structures ground floor plan to the proposed volume.
project details
project title: Consolidare, extindere si modernizare cinematograf Favorit, S+P+3E+Et.tehnic, sector 6, Bucureşti
location: Bucharest
project type: in progress
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Péter Marx, arch. Raluca Velescu, arch. Otilia Calin, arch. Alex Pintea, arch. Andrada Tarau, arch. Pietro Dorissa, arch. Stefan Farmazon, arch. Cosmina Sirbu, arch. Corina Nicola, arch. Andrei Teacă
structure: Concept Structure - eng. Cristian Năstase - Concept Structure
installations: General Instal Comp - eng. Bogdan Popescu, eng. Alexandru Melita, eng. Ionuţ Biro
year of design: 2012
built area: 865mp
gross building area: 4566mp