Housing in Samurcaşi, Ilfov

Paradoxically, the housing complex completed on the lake shore of Buftea-Samurcasi in current architectural language, is much closer to the vernacular spirit, verified along centuries than the so called “rustic” buildings that are frequently imagined by contemporary architecture.Thereby, mediation between the exterior and the interior spaciousness – with the porch fulfilling the role of a traditional element – is, in this case, interpreted a bit oversized by the series of consoles that protect the main access points from the street and the communication pathways with the garden placed in the back of the properties.The eight residences built in row have three different types, based on the usable gross building area, ranging between 220, 240 and 260 square meters, placed, obviously, on properties directly proportionate with these. All the buildings are alike through qualities – once more traditional – of the optimal handling of useful spaces and by reducing the interior circulation paths to only four square meters, as much as a classic formula of living with living room and kitchen on the ground floor and bedrooms upstairs needs.The project is more ample, including a recreational area with sport facilities, club and pool available to future owners. The promoters desire was to create through architecture, interior design and landscape architecture, a peaceful atmosphere that takes advantage of the nearby lakes view and the high quality of the entire assembly. Thereby, the visual communication between the different adjacent buildings and between them and the neighbourhood is possible because of the glazed apertures from the shorter sides of the lots, but it doesn not constitute an abuse on the housings privacy. 
project details
project title: housing in Samurcaşi, Ilfov
location: Samurcaşi, Crevedia
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Liviu Fabian, arch. Peter Marx, arch. Raluca Velescu
structure: eng. Andrei Zybaczynski - sc. AVZ design grup srl
contractor: Antrepriza GERMAR srl
area: 2362 sqm, lot 5664 sqm
year of design: 2007
year of completion: 2010
photo credit: Şerban Bonciocat, Peter Marx