House on Petricani street

Placed near the Tei Lake, the residence interprets the classic pattern of houses with a panoramic view, covered with a double pitched roof in a contemporary language. This aspect entailed two important issues: How to create it without forming a pastiche and if the presence of the attic was still necessary, which in previous occasions fulfilled the role of isolation, regarding today’s technological conditions and materials. Out of the clients desire, accustomed with a typical architecture, after living for several years in the United States, the house was designed with a double pitched roof, feature that was fulfilled by the architect without deviating from the principles of contemporary architecture. The project merges, in a creative way, a series of antinomies: the roof covered with ceramic tiles opens up through an ample window, that scatters light on the traditionally dark attic. Thereby, under this genereously glazed structure at the first floor, unflods the daytime area with a dining room that openes towards a comprehensive terrace, brought as a tribute to the landscape. At the other end, the living room, separated from the first area by an elevator, openes with the adjacent master bedroom, towards a more retired area of the emplacement. In an ingeniuous way for the classicizing formula of housing, the occasional public spaces of the guest bedrooms are located downstairs, separated by a relaxed hallway with a special area for discussions. The stairs with a minimalist aspect is a very important element for a house that doses it`s transparency very carrefully: in the perfectly armored wall with stone veneers on the ground floor, the only void that disregards the economy is the one that illuminates the acces towards the first floor. The rest of the windows are sized and placed as necessary for the living of a family with occasional guests. This overthrow of the full/hollow ratio on the vertical is a formal extension of the innovative reconfiguration of the traditional concept of housing.
project details
project title: private residence on Petricani street, Bucharest
location: Bucharest
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Péter Marx, arch. Andreea Ormenişan
structure: eng. Ioan Sora
installations: Damiro Engineering
beneficiary: Constantin Vânău
gross built area: 550mp
landscaped area: 1096mp
year of design: 2004
year of completion: 2006
photo credit: Radu Teacă, Costin Popescu, Péter Marx, Liviu Fabian