House on D. Gherea street

The lot, placed at the conjunction of two streets, only allowed a predominantly introverted approach of the architectural solution. The building enters in a shy dialog with the neighborhood/surroundings, more through the insinuation of local light apertures on the foreground of white, opaque walls from the two arteries adjacent to the property. Besides, due to the same cause the plan was conceived in “L” shape, open rather to its own premises than to the still emerging landscape. The transparency of the house is dedicated to the daytime areas and it is placed towards the southern facade, respectively the eastern side of the volume. The three level high void, that accommodates the stairs, is a main element of the composition, communicating with the exterior through an ample glazing, making the unique vertical articulation of the different areas visible. Thereby, the kitchen and the dining room are half level lower than the living room, which itself is lower than the master bedroom. Of course, all these are below the second floor, sheltering the area dedicated to the child, which opens outwards through a oblique bow window. This window allows the individual to see the lake from the bedroom, regardless of any future constructions rising up in the surroundings. The front part of the plane, which closes a garage on the ground floor and delineates the living room at the first floor, converts into a terrace at the last floor. Over this general arrangement of the house, unfolds another “L” shape from the exterior shell, that manages in the same time to protect, but also to float over the transparent pellicle of the facade. The extension of the architectural concept in the interior areas as well, on a detailed level, with texture and colour, is a constant beneficial of the architects works. Even in this case, the apparently antigravitacional game of wooden volumes, that float over a transparent sheet of plexyglass, is taken over with success.
project details
project title: the Dobrogeanu Gherea residence, Bucharest
location: Bucharest
address: Bucovina street
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Tiberiu Nica, arch. Peter Marx
contractor: CRIS, eng. Tudor Migia, eng. Adrian Dulău
lot: 400mp
Gross built area: 520mp
year of design: 2002
year of completion: 2005
photo credit: arch. Peter Marx, arch. Radu Teacă