House in Constanţa

The building is a modern reinterpretation of the seaside holiday house theme, built on the less valuable background of recent developments of the city. Therefore, the “box” sheltering the habitation is visually open towards favorable perspectives, while the placement of the building on the site, following the necessary withdrawals, protects the privacy of the owners.The project relies on a well controlled game of half levels, clearly marked on the outside through the west facades gap, that follows the sites breaking point.From the semi-basement/basement to the first level, that gaines height by developing as a penthouse type open space area, the bedrooms occupy the largest share from the construction layout, being disposed so they can take maximum advantage of the spectacular view.The level differences between these two parts of the ensemble are marked in the buildings elevation by introducing surfaces, covered with stone, that distinguish from a predominantly glazed background. The most exposed facades to sunlight are protected by an ample console, so that it can operate as a terrace above the ground floor and a gigantic solar shade over the entire construction, creating a shell which unfolds the interior spaces.
project details
project title: house on Bucovina street, Constanţa
location: Constanţa
address: Bucovina street
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Peter Marx, arch. Andreea Ormenişan
structure: eng. Ioan Sora - sc. Consild srl
year of design: 2007
year of completion: 2010