ZUP Av. Cpt. Al. Șerbănescu

The land with an approximate 5357 sqm is located in the Baneasa district, Sector 1, at the intersection of two significant boulevards: Nicolae Caramfil and Alexandru Serbanescu, constituting a dead-end perspective point from the Aerogarii boulevard, one of the main access routes towards the Baneasa and Otopeni airports and the main access road to the Prahova valley and Brasov city. By being positioned at the intersection of these two important arteries, the lot is visible from a great distance and the proposed building could play the role of a gateway to the city and a major urban landmark for the people coming from the airport or the Bucharest-Ploiesti highway. From the Baneasa bridge, for example, because of the existing slope, the building can be visible as a whole from different heights. Following the approval of the Zonal Urban Project, on this lot a maximum of 3842 sqm built area construction can be built (maximum land occupancy percentage = 65%) and a gross built area of approximately 55070 sqm, from which 31070 sqm above the ground and 24000 sqm underground, for parking (maximum land use coefficient =5.8) with a maximum height of 20floors (80m). The proposed building, a hotel, is formed by two parallel volumes of 19 stories with tower shape, placed on a volume formed by the ground floor and the mezzanine floor. The two slender towers, placed parallel suggest the idea of a gate and their silhouette can become a symbol/landmark of the area.