Golden Blitz office building

 The building is positioned at an important and very crowded intersection of Bucharest, connecting the city center with two large districts (Drumul Taberei and Militari) The main function of the building consists of offices, the ground floor level accommodating a small coffee shop and a showroom. The basements are intended primarily for parking lots, access via a special elevator for vehicles. Due to this aspect to what we must add the desire to have a better flexibility of the office partitions, we opted for a 7,30m opening between the metal columns so that it can fit three vehicles in one bay. Given the position on site and the generous green space in front of the construction, making it more visible, the architectural language is expressed by a curtain wall type facade, that has a vibrant texture by using wooden panels that come in a complementary relationship with the predominant material, the glass. Further, the position on site forced us to a vectorized volumetric solution with an obvious orientation towards the intersection. The position of the sun-blind, that opens to this intersection and towards the center is eloquent in this manner and in the same time it also gives the building a volumetric purpose.   
project details
project title: Golden Blitz Center office building, Bucharest
location: Bucharest
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Péter Marx, arch. Raluca Velescu, arch. Liviu Fabian, arch. Mihail Cârstoiu
structure: POP & Asociaţii
installations: eng. Adrian Micu – Future House Design
year of design: 2008
year of completion: 2011
built area: 570mp
gross built area: 4163mp
used area: 3590mp
photo credit: Péter Marx