House on M. Drăcea street

The building was completed in 2008 and it is a new interpretation of the theme of houses by the lake, proving a great deal of compositional refinement and confirming the already famous ability of the architect to significantly detail a habitat. The two volumes that make up the building were meant to highlight the main direction of the landscape towards the lake. The dialogue between the two elements of the composition is expressed frankly: both almost completely opaque volumes towards the exterior drop one of their walls, opening towards each other and are joined with a third, more modest one. Thus arises an enclosure facing, at first instance, towards itself and then to the landscape, thanks to the surrounding transparency. The building is made out of two tubes of different heights developed along the depth of the property, each of them being parallel with one of the long sides. In order to balance the first impression given by the massive apparent concrete surfaces, both tubular elements levitate over the ground, while the access is made through a gateway attached to the volume from the ground floor. The interior scenography of this “tube” developed on only one story, includes a living room with an area for discussions, having a lower elevation than the rest to emphasize a certain intimacy that living spaces must have. The houses trail continues transversely through a completely transparent junction element – the greenhouse – and ends in the second tube, also having a longitudinal composition, opened towards the ends. At the ground floor this volume shelters the kitchen, the dining room and the less visible utility area, while at the upper floor the three bedrooms, where the master bedroom communicates through a shadowed loggia with the garden and as a background, with the lake`s view.
project details
project title: house on Marin Drăcea street, Bucharest
location: Bucharest
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Peter Marx, arch. Liviu Fabian
structure: eng. Ioan Sora
general contractor: VR Art Construct
year of design: 2005
year of completion: 2008
built area: 267mp
gross built area: 427mp
used area: 341mp
photo credit: Radu Teacă, Péter Marx