House on G. Georgescu

The introverted direction of the house built on Georgescu street is due, on one hand, to site conditions, having all round it current or future constructions and on the other hand, to the purpose of keeping the privacy of the home. In the race with obstacles of a property placed at the back of an apartment building with sad memories, with an interwar building on one side, a blind wall on the other and an enormous board that warns about the future construction of a residential building, the architect imagined a contemporary interpretation of the traditional house with patio. The insertion is subordinated to the alignment and the height of the existing constructions built at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, adopting the vertically developed windows as valuable items from the general repertoire of the neighboring front facades. The building develops in two buildings with different heights, joined by a lavishing patio. Towards the street, the building shelters the entry hallway and a garage at the ground floor, the living room at the next level and at the last one, separated by a glazed partition, a small daytime and a sleeping area. The other volume is more private and rises until the first floor, having the kitchen and the dining room at the ground floor and two bedrooms above it. The stairs, that communicate between these two, float in a glazed junction on three sides, visible from the main facade. An additional, extremely broad ramp is developed on the outside, crossing the courtyard. Actually, the spectacle of the house takes place inside and around the patio, opened towards one of the facades through an over-sized filter of oblique columns. In front of them, at the ground floor, the promenade takes the shape of stone steps floating over a water feature that surround a square shaped island covered with wood, leading towards the dining room.   
project details
project title: house on G. Georgescu street, Bucureşti
location: Bucharest
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Péter Marx, arch. Liviu Fabian, arch. Ioana Sora
structure eng. Ioan Sora
year of design: 2006
year of completion: 2009
built area: 204mp
gross built area: 685mp
used area: 550mp
photo credit: Şerban Bonciocat, Péter Marx