House in Samurcaşi, Ilfov

The residence occupies a lot near Bucharest with a dominant power, arranging the spaces geometrically and exceeding geographical and climatic constraints. Even though the north-east orientation was imposed, the volume was conceived to stand partially twisted on the site, in a perfect harmony with the other components of the location. The access is made through a strong, straight alley that leads directly to the heart of the house through a strong and deep cutout, determining the vector and the main axis of the entire composition. Inside, the loggia oriented towards the lake, dinamically sectioned at 90 degrees in the oblique volume, accumulates the openings of all major areas of the house, from the elevated ground floor to the second floor. Besides the bedrooms, divided between the lake`s direction and the living room, the space is fluid and firmly oriented towards the lake. On the north, the landscape is cut out by narrow gaps, relying on controlled perspectives.
project details
project title: house in Samurcaşi, Ilfov
location: Samurcasi, Ilfov
main author: arch. Radu Teacă
collaborators: arch. Mihaela Bogăţeanu, arch.Răzvan Lepădatu, arch. Dragoş Perju
structure: eng. Dorin Lazăr
installations: eng. Viorel Biban, eng. Jean Andronescu
year of design: 1996
year of completion: 2001
photo credit: Radu Teacă